Although studies aimed to investigate what comprises emotional intelligence are yet to be clear enough on EI, researches to date indicate that EI fails to encompass difference in real-life principle even after several other conventional measures are taken care of (Adeoye, & Torubelli, 2011. Jones, & Corner, 2012). Research indicates that individuals who register a higher degree of emotional intelligence have a tendency of reporting a higher degree of engaging in health and beauty consciousness and better social ties with neighbors (Ahammed, Abdullah, & Hassane, 2011. Min, Hui-Wen, & Mu-Shang, 2011). Similarly, Ugwu (2011) established an approving positive connection between social acumen and Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, individuals with a superior degree of emotional intelligence register a substantially greater understanding of the marriage life than individuals with lower degrees of the EI (Shahzada, Ghazi, Khan, Khan, & Shah, 2011. Naseer, Saeed-ul-Hassan, Rahman, & Jumani, 2011).