A study by Mohamed established that the consumption of Natural gas&nbsp.(NG) is on the increase where it applies to&nbsp.generating electric power and cogeneration power desalting plants (CPDP) (2013). The increase in (NG and oil) combustion derives an increase in emission of acidic gas and CO2 where Qatar leads in emission CO2&nbsp.emission&nbsp.per capita&nbsp.across the globe (Mohamed, 2013). Desalting seawater, which leads to CO2 emission from CPDP, derives adverse effects on the environment. It leads to salty water rejected back to the sea where the rejected water has a higher temperature, salinity, and chemical contents&nbsp.than the seawater (Mohamed, 2013). This creates fish impingement&nbsp.in&nbsp.the intakes that have adverse effects on the marine environment (Mohamed, 2013).