Need an research paper on gender behaviors in battle of algiers, mother india and a widows voice. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. This paper draws a comparison between the gender behaviors as depicted in Battle of Algiers, Mother India, and A Widow’s Voice. Battle of Algiers is a 1966 war film, which dwells on the situations of women in a warring country. Mother of India shows the struggles of women in harsh economies, taking care of their families. “A Widow’s Voice” is a very popular literary text, which has the theme of widowhood, including the problems widows face. One thing that is common between both movies and the literary text is that they all offer a comprehensive insight into the gender behaviors in their respective contexts. Battle of Algiers, Mother India, and A Widow’s Voice are similar in their depiction of women’s strength. Battle of Algiers and Mother India commonly undermine the power of men while highlighting that of women while Mother India and A Widow’s Voice commonly feature domestic women’s sacrifices and men’s selfishness. In conclusion, drawing a comparison between these three works was quite challenging, as these have different themes, and are of different genres. However, with the approach employed, a clear comparison of gender behaviors in these works has been achieved. Generally, women have been portrayed as very important people in the society. Women take care of their families, which are the basic unit of the society. However, the main issue is that despite all these, the society, especially men, do not appreciate women the way they should. These three works indirectly call for the need for women empowerment in society.