As a necessity for joining Facebook, an individual must have an email address. This is one critical aspect showing how Facebook has enabled convenient communication. It has increased awareness of the need to have an email address hence making it possible for one to pass and receive messages all over the globe devoid of impediments The use of emails has an array of merits such as the fact that it fast and secure. Every email address has a password that prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing sensitive or private information. This aspect of security is what has attracted more people and it indicates that Facebook has enhanced effective communication. This is evident in the sense that people no longer have to worry about the security of the information they are sharing between or amongst one another. Moreover, the use of emails is reliable provided one has the access to the internet. Feedback is usually immediate and one can attach some images or large files as they please to go along with their emails. In the video “How the Internet Enables Intimacy” the speaker Stefana Broadbent said, the technologies of social media–such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter–are actually promoting greater intimacy between people rather than sucking time away from social involvement as is often supposed. Because Facebook is very easy to contact friends, so it promoting intimacy between people.