In the recent period, cell phones have become a staple need and necessity of society around the world. Since its beginning as a big and bulky device, cell phones have become a sleek and pocket-sized device which is required in the day to day life of the people. The device has been conceptualized in the year 1947 and since the life of the people within the society has changed a lot. Cell phones in the current period have become the main means of communication for people around the globe. Cell phones have become the need of the day as they are now a day’s also said to be as the internet devices. Now a day’s lacks of people around the globe are using cell phones to surf the internet, listening to music, checking emails. In the current social scenario, it can be said that it can be feasible to live without computers, television, or telephone, and still indulge and have all these luxuries provided by these devices, in the palm of one’s hand using cell phones (Ling 32).