In 1847, for the second time, Marius eloped with another man’s wife(Scholl and Scholl 50). The threat of court proceedings loomed over him. As a result, his family decided that it was time he left France. As Marius’ brother Lucien Petipa had had experience working in Russia, he inquired from Antoine Titus in Petersburg. The events in Marius’ life back in France coincided with Imperial Theatres’ need for a strong male lead for Yelena Andreyanova, a leading female Russian ballet dancer at the Theatres. It was under these circumstances that Marius found himself at the Imperial Theatres(M. Smith 32). Later in the same year, Marius assumed the position of premier danseur at the Imperial Theatres. The position had become vacant following the departure of danseur Emile Gredlu, also a French.