In recent times, social networking sites have garnered the attention of police and security forces and other law enforcement agencies because of the challenges that exist in cyber warfare. This will continue to be a big problem with more advancements in technology. The solution lies in participating in social websites and using them to the advantage of security forces. Social media are essentially platforms for global connection and communication tool for people from all over the world. The popularity of social media is immense and ever-growing considering the extremely low cost of social media usage and its user-friendly characteristic and flexibility this becomes a tool for global dispersal of information. Like every technology, social media can have an adverse effect considering who the users are and how the media is being used. Misuse or unethical use of social media can purposely or unintentionally lead to cause several negative impacts on the national security of a country. A country’s political secrets and strategies can also become vulnerable in the hands of social media. However, the positive elements of social media can also not be ignored.