On the other hand, goal setting has its own dark side both in business and in personal career. Latham (129) points out that all techniques have their downsides including goal setting. One the down side of goal setting is that it limits flexibility in the life of a person. Once you set your goals, they will limit from deviating even when there is a demand. For instance, in the student life, a friend might need academic support during personal study time. However, since a student with preset goals have a schedule to attend, they will find it hard to step of their schedule and help as this may interfere with their target grades. As such, goal setting may interfere with social relations. Secondly, setting a number of goals may result to conflict in the implementation process. When a person two goals in life and the two goals run concurrently, they are likely to create friction or even read to exhaustion. On this ground, Lathan (29) warns advises that it is not enough to set goals without setting their priorities. In this regard, one should set priorities in goal implementation to avoid conflict, which might disorient them in later stages.