Before the advent of film, the Natives were depicted bloodthirsty savage Natives as an aggressive or more helpful noble savage that could destroy even White settler’s children and women. The stereotypes portray Native Americans as lacking European customs and other noble character images like ‘Indian princesses’.&nbsp.Cameron Thayer, the film producer is an African American and Graham Waters (detective) exhibits internal racism. The films show that Blacks can work in authority positions as Dixon, the superior police officer is a Black. However, the movies portrayed Black American aggressive behavior but reinforces the need to follow the due justice process. The movie contains scenes of rescuing of Chinese trafficker and immigrants that showing that racial stereotypes must end, but Ryan, the White policeman is seen making racist remarks and molesting women. Hispanic Locksmith Daniels seems untrustworthy and as a gang member since he has a shaved head and many tattoos. Anthony, an African American is portrayed as a criminal since he robs Rick and Jean in carjacking incident while Peter is shot by Hansen fro carjacking. The Persian shop owner seems not to trust Latinos.