In terms of structure, the two stories by Rietveld Schröder House got designed in a way that the inside is a vibrant changeable open zone (Emmons and Mindrup 45). The inside has no static amassing of rooms. On the ground floor, the designer maintained some traditional aspects. It hosts three bedrooms/sitting rooms and a kitchen. The upstairs of this house obtained a design to conform with all fire regulations and planning authorities’ requirements. Except for a separate bathroom and toilet, the rest of the upstairs consists of a large open zone (Davi 46). Mrs. Schroder felt that this living area should be functional in either form, whether subdivided or open. As such, a system of sliding as well as revolving panels took their place. This would open up space on the second floor, and at the same time leave the option of closing or partitioning the rooms when necessary (Emmons and Mindrup 47). The entirely partitioned upstairs comprises of a bathroom, living room and three bedrooms.