The other historical perspective that helped to support and to encourage the adoption of a sociotechnical approach is the systems concept. The pioneers of the systems approach believed that a company is a structure made up of various independent departments that work as one unit. The systems comprise of open and closed systems depending on the interactions with other elements in the industry (Wailgum, 2007). For instance, the open system is part of the STS because of its interactions with the external environment and this enables an organization to access constant information and resources from other foreign sources. The introduction of&nbsp.new technology requires an organization to make adjustments in each department for the collective performance of tasks. It is also apparent that organizations are perceived as social systems that accommodate diverse personalities. This facilitates information sharing, consultations, and the implementation of actions (Wailgum, 2007). &nbsp.In regards to the sociotechnical concept, the systems approach concentrates on the relationship between evaluation and self-regulation in decision-making collaborations.&nbsp.