The parameter of usability that was being tested for was basically efficiency. Effectiveness, satisfaction, and learnability were not necessarily what was taken into account, basically because the idea was that, if a person could not efficiently use the website (read: quickly), they might be more apt to go visit another website instead. What any website wants is more traffic. Obviously, the Coventry University Student Union is no different in that regard. I measured this usability problem as being trivial or significant by asking each participant in the study, “How important is it to you—on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most important—that a website you visit be easily navigable?” One-hundred percent of study participants responded that they thought it rated ‘10’. One user blatantly said, “I had such a hard time finding out where the Rag Week 2011 link was, I just ultimately gave up after like 20 seconds.” The other two study participants reiterated similar thoughts. “Sorry, I didn’t find it.”&nbsp. “I didn’t bother looking for the link after the 5 seconds was up.”&nbsp. Such results were indicative that the problem in finding the link, which was buried in the middle of the page in small type, was a significant detractor.