Science explains what can be proven, the framework of life that is defined by actions and reactions. What is known gives human beings comfort on those things that can be explained, but religion has provided explanations for those aspects of life that could or cannot be explained. In his writing, Worrell (2003) suggests that science and religious belief are not compatible, that to have one is to discredit the other. He states “science and religion (are) two conflicting ways in generating beliefs about our world” (p. 69). The stark truth of that statement is that science is about belief as much as religion is about belief. The scientist observes and then believes how the event proves his or her theory. An example of this is the atom. Science has yet to find a way to see an atom. It can be detected in groups, the evidence of it can be seen through the energy that is expelled when it is split, but the atom itself, a single atom, has yet to be seen (Saunders, 2007, p. 4). Therefore, the atom exists because it is believed that it exists. God exists because it is believed that He exists.