These processes, as Gradstein & Ogg (1996) notes lead to a lot of changes occurring over the surface of the earth. As Flexer, Honigstein, Rosenfeld, & Polishook (1990) notes, earth movement processes mainly affect the surface and sub-surface rocks but have very little effects on the rock lying deeper under the earth’s surface. The evidence of such changes and effects has been noted in the quarry mines and other geological processes taking place in and around the Beirut region. This paper discusses the geological orientation and composition of Beirut from pre-historic times to the present date. The changes that have occurred in the geological composition of the region have been traced and documented. Detailed illustration of the effects of various natural and human-induced processes such as volcanicity, earthquakes and earth building processes including road building, earth blasting which have been responsible for the geology of the region have been documented for further reference too.