The issue of rape is the most disturbing and prevalent form of assault against women. With cases of rape around the world rising, this has become a problem in most societies and the victims are innocent women and girls. Taking the example of Canada, the number of women that reported having been sexually assaulted in 2009 was a staggering 472,000. As mentioned in the introduction, this number could be greater since this figure only counts for the self-reported victims. Statistics show that most of the victims are women of ages between 15 and 24. This problem has proven difficult to curb for women, in most cases, lack the confidence to talk about the traumatic events that they go through such as rape (Renzetti, 2011). With rapes case being reported to happen almost everywhere, be it at homes, streets or workplaces, women have been left insecure and almost powerless. Gang rape is even worse for victims since some have been reported to die after such horrible experiences or suffered irredeemable trauma.