(Anderson & Bushman 2002) the annual review of Psychology describes aggression as a range of behaviors and attitudes that when translated into acts cause injury to the victim, either intentionally or unintentionally. In every act of violence, there is psychological coercion or a dynamic link that has the effect of “the obligation to do something for the other.” As the attacker can do it intentionally or not, the victim can enter this operation inadvertently. Damages for psychological violence are as dangerous as physical violence. There are various forms of aggression which include Verbal, physical, mental as well as emotional (Anderson & Bushman 2002). There are also various purposes of aggression which are to express anger or hostility, to intimidate or threaten an individual, others are aggressive to assert dominance over others, to react to pain or as a response to fear, to express possession over something as well as a reaction to pain. There are also those who engage in effective aggression which in most cases is usually an uncontrolled act and unplanned. The other is predatory aggression whose role is usually to achieve a certain goal or objective such as to kill.