Need an research paper on why the bonfire of the vanities flopped. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The researcher states that with all of the positive factors that the film had going for it, like an excellent cast in securing Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks, and a screenplay based on a bestselling novel, as well as Christmas day opening, it is undeniable that the film had garnered the necessary anticipation. The only real explanation for the film’s outcome is the unsatisfactory direction of Brian De Palma, and it’s the most believable considering his track record in Hollywood. The only way to truly narrow down all of the possibilities of why this film was such a flop at the Box office is to rationally view all of the contributing factors and then make a sound judgment as to which one is most likely the cause of the film’s failure. In most cases, because the entertainment industry is so fickle, it could be argued that any number of possibilities could have contributed to the cause and that it couldn’t have just been one. In sum, the researcher concluds that De Palma’s flop at the box office with The Bonfire of the Vanities is entirely due to his own unsatisfactory directing. The director has never been nominated for an Academy Award, or for a Golden Globe, despite the fact that he has had unprecedented studio support, in that they allow for all of his failures. In assessing what made The Bonfire of the Vanities flop at the box office, it must be recognized that all of the necessary tools were available, the actors, storyline, studio support, even anticipation, but Brian De Palma just didn’t deliver.