De?ling ?ppropri?tely with the violence c?used by the use of ?lcohol ?nd drugs is difficult for police. On the one h?nd, police often f?ce subst?nti?l pressure from m?instre?m society to put ?n end to drugs ?nd ?lcohol ?uthority in night clubs, usu?lly through ?ggressive l?w enforcement. On the other h?nd, the ?tmosphere cre?ted by “e?sy” (Morris, 1998) drugs ?nd ?lcohol is enormously popul?r ?mong ? signific?nt minority of teen?gers ?nd young ?dults, most of whom ?re gener?lly l?w ?biding ?nd responsible. Strict enforcement efforts c?n ?lien?te ? key segment of this popul?tion from government in gener?l, ?nd the police in p?rticul?r. To be sure, ?lcohol c?n pose genuine risks, but those risks ?re frequently ex?gger?ted in the publics mind.