Indications for AM include: a) Organic voice disorders- paralytic dysphonia, paralysis of vocal cords, phonatory hyperfunction, sulcus glottideus, dysphonia due to iatrogenic effect of hormonal therapy, acute vocal trauma, acute laryngitis in professional voice users. b) Nonorganic (functional) voice disorders-all subtypes of habitual nonorganic voice disorders, childhood hyperfunctional dysphonia, ventricular dysphonia, after voice return in cases of habitual aphonia, psychogenic voice disorders with bizarre vocal behavior. c) Minimal associated pathological lesions (MAPLs)-small soft vocal nodules in adults, contact granuloma, early Reinke’s edema.d) Vocal problems of professional voice users. e) Supplemental therapy-after phono surgery, acute voice problems after radiotherapy, etc. f)other indications-dysarthria, stuttering, prosody disorders (Kotby, 1995).