Question same class as the bibliography so close attention to instructions please! #2 Teaching Tool Using the guidelines provided, complete a Teaching Tool. This should be formatted as a brochure (not to exceed 4 pages). Students must submit this completed assignment on the scheduled due date via Blackboard.  Students may expect feedback related to the assignment via Blackboard Grade Book within two weeks of completion.  In the event of extenuating circumstances, students will be notified of delayed grading.   Grading Rubric   Health Promotion Teaching Tool (20 points) The Health Promotion Teaching Tool addresses an identified area of concern that the student has about a specific cohort (group) in America. Examples may include Healthy Eating in the School-Age Child, Aerobic Exercise for Males Over Age 65, Recreational Therapy for Persons Post Stroke, Weight-Bearing Exercises for Persons with Osteopenia, etc… [Notation – You already have some of the ground work done with your completed annotated bibliography.] The Teaching Tool will not exceed 4 pages and should be in brochure format. Points will be assigned based upon the following criteria:   Content (16 points total) Introduce the cohort being addressed, demographic data (statistics/numbers of people effected) and provide teaching information from health care providers in addressing this group; i.e. prevent complications, increase quality of life, etc… (6 points) Outline interventions for this cohort (group), the role of the healthcare provider; i.e. specific teaching interventions. Aesthetics – figures, tables, j-pegs, illustrations, etc… *(6 points) Provide a minimum of two learning objectives at the beginning of the teaching tool (not to exceed four). Provide a minimum of three (2) references at the end of the teaching tool using APA format.  (4 points) Form (4 points total)   Information is clear, concise, logically ordered, accurate, and appropriate to the assignment (2 points) Text is free from spelling errors, font is appropriate, punctuation and formatting are appropriate and consistent (2 points)   Note: The Teaching Tool must be submitted using APA style for the references. Up to 2 points may be deducted for grammar, spelling, and/or APA errors.         Read Full Question