Question FIVE: Themes Project: Stage #1 By creating a general outline of themes in Paul’s theology at the beginning of the course, these themes can be noted as each week unfolds throughout the in-depth studies of each of Paul’s letters. You will find this helpful in assessing the “big picture” that Paul is creating in his theology, as well as give an important framework for the final written project. Download and read the supplemental titled Major Themes in Paul’s Writings . Using the initial list of major themes provided in the supplemental (above), prepare your strategy for studying Paul’s themes. Develop your framework (grid, outline, table, spreadsheet, concept map, etc.) for organizing thematic material. The framework must be a dynamic, working document (it will develop each week with new information) and must include the following: Major themes provided in the supplemental Flexibility to include minor themes Flexibility to include themes specific to one or a few letters Short descriptions of each theme (major, minor or specific) Scripture references to trace each theme within Paul’s letters, and from letter to letter. Prepare the framework document that will be used for remaining weeks to share in the first stage of this project.