Question The development of the Creeds throughout early Church history is a vital piece to understand how we, today, have come to understand the Trinity and the three Persons of the Godhead.  The “Creeds of the Church” assignments will help to give you an overview of the creeds, what they contain, and why they are important for the church as a whole. Three creeds are considered “ecumenical.”  This simply means that Christians of all different denominations hold to the beliefs set forth in these statements of faith.  Remember – at the time when these creeds were written, the only church that existed was the “catholic” church.  This word indicates the “universal” church, and not a specific denomination. For this assignment, read each creed and a short historical statement of its development.  Respond as instructed below: Read the Apostles Creed and historical statement: Apostles Creed Short history of Apostles Creed Read the Nicene Creed and historical statement: Nicene Creed Short history of Nicene Creed Read the Athanasian Creed and historical statement: Athanasian Creed Short history of Athanasian Creed As you reflect upon these three Creeds, answer the following questions in at least one paragraph each: Have you ever read or recited these creeds in your church?  If so which one(s)?  If not, why do you think these are not recited? Note that the creeds are Trinitarian by nature.  Explain three specific aspects of understanding the Trinity that are developed more fully from one Creed to another (one paragraph each).  (For example, the Nicene Creed expands the first section about God the Father to state He is the Creator of what is both “seen and unseen.”) What is your personal response to these creeds?  How do they enhance your understanding of God and the Trinity?