Question Unit 8 Final Assignment outline/headings For this final assignment – please make sure you are relating information from the article of Meyer and Kurtz (2006) on discussion of personality- located in doc sharing! Additionally, you will need to read the following articles: Krishnamurthy, R., VandeCreek, L., Kaslow, N. J., Tazeau, Y. N., Miville, M. L., Kerns, R., …. (2004) Achieving competency in psychological assessment: Directions for education and training. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 60(7), 725-739. American Psychological Association (2003). Guidelines on multicultural education, training, research, practice, and organizational change for psychologists. American Psychologist, 58, 377-402. You will need a minimum of 6 references; Meyer and Kurtz article, Krishnamurthy et al., and APA as well as the three articles you find to support your discussion relative to the hypothetical case – as highlighted below in Yellow! Begin your paper with providing a strong introduction with a thesis statement – NO abstract necessary!! This assignment will present with Level 2 headings so please attend to how they are laid out… Everything inPurple are the Headings you should use for your final assignmentJ Title of Your Paper Goes Here             This is where you will provide your introduction and thesis statement. Historical Use of Terms to Classify a Personality Test             Here you will provide an overview of the historical use of the test and then use a transitional phrase to lead into the following (information will come from the Meyer and Kurtz article)… Objective Projective Problems with Such Classification Suggestions Made Relative to Specific Tests Important Areas of Competency             Here you will discuss at least three important areas of competency for the clinician involved in assessments, a minimum of one of these three should address a multicultural competency (perhaps develop a heading for this). Personality Test             Here you will give a brief overview of your personality test. Type of Data Use of Test to Assess a Client Hypothetical Case Discussion (A minimum of 3 peer reviewed articles are to be referenced in this part of the discussion) Referral Question Demographic Information(include ethnicity, age, gender, socioeconomic status, level of education) Background Data (background data should include client’s current level of functioning and presenting problem(s) – Make sure you review the Grading Rubric!) Professional Competencies Conclusion Don’t forget to conclude your paper with a strong conclusion!! References Remember to Follow the Grading Rubric as well! If you have any additional question, just let me know and good luck! There are No Exceptions for submitting your final assignment late! Following is the Grading Rubric, please follow in addition to this outline to make sure you are addressing all key elements for this final assignment. Unit 8 Assignment Rubric % – Points  Points Earned Course Content     Student is able to appropriately discuss the historical use of the terms objective and projective to classify a personality test, and the problems with such classification, and the suggestions made by the authors Meyer and Kurtz (2006) to refer to specific tests. 0 – 50         Utilizing the articles from APA (2003) and Krishnamurthy et. al (2004) discuss at least three important areas of competency for the clinician involved in assessments, a minimum of one of these three should address a multicultural competency.   0 – 50 Student is able to accurately identify and discuss what type of data is a particular personality test provides, and how the test might be used to assess a client. A minimum of three peer reviewed references are included in the Discussion. The hypothetical case discussion includes at least a one paragraph discussion addressing the following: 1.      Referral question for personality assessment 2.      Demographic information for your potential client, including ethnicity, age, gender, socioeconomic status, and level of education 3.       Background data regarding the client’s current level of functioning and presenting problem(s) 4.       In your discussion of the assessment process, including administration and interpretation, consider professional competencies that reflect the professional characteristics and culture of a given work setting.  This assignment should demonstrate an understanding of the learning concepts that would be required to administer and interpret this assessment.   0 – 60   Writing     Structure: Includes introduction with clear thesis statement, complete paragraphs, and brief summary paragraph rephrasing thesis. Style and Mechanics: Clear and logical organization; paragraphs and sentences are well developed. Uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Meets length requirements.   0-20   APA Style: Formatted correctly using APA style. Provides references to support conclusions. Paraphrased correctly and accurately; direct quotes used minimally.   0-20   Total 200     Read Full Question