Question Objective 1: Examine how unique cultural considerations are necessary in determining best practices and abiding by ethical guidelines when working with diverse groups. It is impossible to have a complete understanding of all unique cultural rules, values, and norms with which clients may come to the table. However, it is our ethical obligation as professionals to seek understanding when comprehension of how these norms and values affect client behavior and attitudes is absent or lacking. The following activity will allow you to practice the skill of recognizing how clients bring unique viewpoints, and how we as professionals may need to deviate from standard practice to acknowledge these differences and more effectively and ethically serve the client. Review Chapter 4 of your textbook. The table below is taken from Exercise 4.1 of the readings. The first row serves as an example of how you will complete the table. Copy and paste the table below into a separate word document and fill in the remaining boxes. Issue Mainstream Human Service Position Client Description Multicultural Consideration Example   Establishing as a goal of counseling to increase the client’s assertiveness Human services value autonomy and the right to self-determination, thus this would, could be a legitimate goal A 43-year-old female from South Asia The culture emphasizes finding meaning in group solidarity and relationship, de-emphasizing individualism and individual uniqueness Use of “smacking” and spanking in child rearing   A Dominican Single mother who values the development of “respeto” in her 8-year-old child   Physical contact (hugging) between a clinician and a client   A 61-year-old Arab male   Eye contact between the therapist and client   A 23-year-old female from China, currently enrolled in a clinical psychology graduate program and receiving supervision in her internship   Hallucinogen Intoxication   A 27-year-old member of a Native American Church   Dependent-attachment behaviors   A 31-year-old Japanese female expressing a need for intense interpersonal attachment (hint: check the concept of “amae”)   Bibliotherapy   A school counselor working with a second-grade Puerto Rican male having difficulty controlling aggressive impulses (hint: the value of “cuentos”)   Concept of “time”   A 25-year-old Latino male with a weekly appointment with a clinical psychologist   As this assignment requires integration of academic thought and materials, please include an APA formatted reference for your text and/or any other resources used. All written assignments should be formatted using APA. For the current OCU APA Template, click the Student Toolkit in the top navigation bar and view the APA: Citation and Formatting Help page. Submissions No submissions yet. Drag and drop to upload your assignment below. Read Full Question