Question Just need like a 100 words for each question. I need 3 different answers for each question so a total of 6 different answers (3 for each questions) . These are discussion questions for the week. please add at least 1 reference.   1. Select one of the four broad professional fields: environmental or evolutionary psychology, forensic psychology, health or sports psychology, or industrial/organizational or engineering psychology. Which of the four learning theories is most effective in guiding professional practice in your selected field? Identify strengths and deficiencies of using the theory you identified 2. Watch the “Operant Conditioning – Discriminative Stimuli,” “Pavlov’s Experiments on Children,” and “Pavlov’s Experiments on Dogs” videos in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Choose a theory of learning to explain the processes of classical conditioning and operant conditioning, supporting each usage with relevant evidence in animal and human psychological research.