Question 1 page As early as John Cassian in the early 5th century and up to modern times, Christians have faithful to not only the study of Scripture, but the contemplation of it.  Lectio Divina, otherwise known as sacred reading, is a tradition that combines silence and solitude with meditation and reflection on God’s word in order to evoke a response in the heart of the believer and motivate them towards repentance and renewal.  It is sinking into the text of Scripture in order to put yourself in the shoes of the disciples, to feel the heat of the mid-afternoon sun, to hear the words of the master as if it were the first time.  Contemplative spirituality allows us to put ourselves into the world of scripture and to hear it anew in order that we might become more like Christ.  Practice Lectio Divina for 20 min and write in your journal throughout the experience.