Question This workshop asks you to address many new trends in organizational culture.  At the root of these trends are philosophical/spiritual worldviews such as Postmodernism.  To truly be an effective leader in today’s society, Christian’s must understand a Christ-centered perspective on these worldviews, and moreover, must be able to explain to a lost and dying world how Christ alone can truly meet the needs that these worldviews attempt to meet.  Download and read the Workshop Five PowerPoint Presentation Fully discuss the following: Using either the workplace or church/ministry as the context, discuss the challenges Christians face in trying to address the realities of sin during a time when people are especially resistant to hearing about “sin” and “God’s judgment.”  How can a Christian show the relevance of biblical principles with regards to Postmodernism, spirituality in the workplace, and in doing so, point others to Christ? Our text provides a summary of current leadership trends and findings.  How can a biblical approach help to integrate and unify leadership and organizational best practices? Response posts should further the discussion by asking clarifying questions and sharing alternative views.